(THIS PROGRAM ALLOWS YOUR READER TO "COMMUNICATE" WITH WINDOWS) The AKO download links on this page are for Army personnel ONLY IF you are NOT in the Army, click. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DoD) ENTERPRISE EMAIL (DEE) INFORMATION PAGE. Email address and storage provided by: Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) most people are able to use their cac with windows 10 . you can also use your cac with windows 8 / 8.1 . you can also use your cac with windows 7 Your outcome may vary. If the instructions below don't work, I recommend you use Internet Explorer for CAC related websites. Some Government websites simply. PERSONAL IDENTITY VERIFICATION (PIV) ACTIVATION INFORMATION PAGE (including updating Email address on CAC) Enterprise Webmail link: Product Name: Version: Life Cycle Status: Last Time Buy Date: End of Full Sustaining Engineering Support: EOL Date: Migration Path: HID ActivID AAA for Remote Access.